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Thursday · May 11 2006

Google trends
View search popularity over time. Compare everything.

And so on…

Archived: Techie » May 2006
What you had to say:
May 16 2006

That is absolutely freakin fascinating.

In Canada and Portugal, there are more searches for Rod Stewart than Tom Waits, but everywhere else it's the other way around. (!!)

And Sophia Loren kicks Anita Ekberg's ass everywhere on earth except Sweden.

May 16 2006

And South Dakota consistently beats North Dakota, except in Canada, again.

Canadians are strange googlers.

May 16 2006

Al Gore gets more searches than Hilary Clinton everywhere in the country, including New York... and Canada.

May 16 2006

Try Chicago vs. LA. I made the same mistake at first.

It really is fascinating. Very addictive.

May 16 2006

Yeah, I figured that out, too. But then I did Chicago vs. New York City vs. NYC and Chicago was the champ of all three.

Britney Spears vs. Cheese - Britney was ahead until about 9 months ago, and now cheese totally dominates her.

May 16 2006

I just thought it was really funny that sex is *that* much more interesting than drugs. Haha.

Good pics, Jason!

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