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Thursday · May 04 2006

My friend, H.B., is in the Curious Theatre's production of “Waiting for Godot,” playing at the Prop Theatre through May 28. Nowhere else but in this Sun-Times review will you find anyone describe H.B. as vulgar, rich, and possessing a sense of easy entitlement. For his role as Pozzo, that's a very good thing. Looking forward to it.

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What you had to say:
May 04 2006

I'm trying to play Pozzo as basically a Beckettian Stephen Colbert. With a belly.

I'll tell the theater to give anyone who mentions at the door a 10% discount.

May 04 2006

"easy e", So if we mention it twice, we get 20% off?

May 04 2006

Only if the second mention is at a second performance. And then it just keeps going - admission to the tenth performance with a kegz mention is will be free. For an 11th, I'll personally pay you $1.50 after the show. And so on.

If we get extended you could really make out on this.

May 04 2006

They should change to name of the play to Get Rich with Godot!

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