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Thursday · April 27 2006

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Archived: Offspring » April 2006
What you had to say:
April 27 2006

Happy Birthday Charlie! Wow- seems like only yesterday I called Stace on her cel phone only to discover you were at the hospital.... (le sigh) How does it happen so fast? Who would of imagined that tiny little baby would become such a beautiful, smart, strong little toddler in just a year...?

April 27 2006

Holy cow, one year old! How wonderful and amazing. Happy birthday, little guy!!
We'll see you soon.

April 27 2006

shut up! Charlie is 1 already too? I'd ask how did this happen, except that I know all too well.

Man, I know countless others have made these same observation, but they sure do grow up quickly!

Happy B-day Charlie!!

April 27 2006

Happy B- day my dear little friend!! xoxo

April 27 2006

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

April 27 2006

A year? That went by fast. Everything is going by fast now. A few weeks ago I was surprised to learn that Allen and Anneke were about to celebrate their fifth anniversary. It seems like about two.

April 27 2006

Yep, it's five already. Before you know it, Charlie and Marieke will be away at college! I can't believe I let myself write that - I have stopped myself several times lately from saying to total strangers something like 'oh yeah, just wait until they get older and learn how to do x.'

Happy Birthday, little man!

April 27 2006

Happy Birthday, Charlie! The second year is even more fun than the first. I'm sure you will with that sweet little man.

April 28 2006

Happy Birthday to Charlie! He's come such a long way in one year (I know they all do, but it always amazes me how much they change.) Pretty soon Jonas and Charlie can play together!

April 30 2006

Cutie pie!! I can't believe it's already been a year. Happy birthday!

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