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Tuesday · April 18 2006

Bob the Builder, Bob the Workaholic

Eager to begin the day's construction project, the workers cheerfully conduct calisthenics drills and beg their supervisor for the most difficult jobs. They then chant in unison, ''Can we build it? Yes we can!” When given a day off, the workers spend it practicing their duties.

These might be scenes from a North Korean propaganda film but they're actually from ''Bob the Builder,” one of the most popular children's cartoons on American television.

Plenty of today's children's shows don't promote the “Work, Work, Work” message, but I guess there's a trend. The three shows I watched most as a kid, Sesame Street, Electric Company, and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood didn't have too many hard working types. The speedy delivery guy on Mister Rogers' is about as job-devoted a character as I can remember, and even he took time off with Mister Rogers to watch Picture, Picture.

What you had to say:
April 18 2006

Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train are awesome. My nephew loves them, especially Thomas and all of his friends.

I'd also ad that Mr. Hooper worked himself to death, apparently.

April 18 2006

I thought of Mr. Hooper too, but I don't remember anyone ever buying anything in that store. Maybe that was the stressful part of the job.

April 19 2006

Did Mr. Green Jeans have a job? I don't recall.

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