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Tuesday · April 11 2006

1986 World Series Game 6 Bill Buckner play re-enacted in RBI Baseball
Obviously, the crucial error isn't totally accurate, but the synced play-by-play is pretty great.

What you had to say:
April 11 2006

Watching that just reinforces the fact that Buckner's role in that debacle is highly overrated. His was just the final nail in the coffin of one of the worst series of defensive and pitching errors by any team in post-season history. Besides, when he made that error, the game was tied. So even if he makes that play, there's no certainty the Sox would win. Yet everyone with the slightest knowledge of baseball history knows about that error.

What platform was RBI Baseball on?

April 11 2006

It was on NES. Original Nintendo. Watching the video made me wish I had been listening to Vin Scully my whole life. He's such a great announcer.

You're right on, Reed. The pitching staff should take more of the heat for that inning, but everyone thinks of Buckner as the goat because his error crystallized the moment. Kinda just like a certain moment in the 2003 NLCS when other, on field mishaps should have been blamed, but all attention was focused on Mr. You Know Who. Some things symbolize the agony of defeat in an instant and that's what we latch onto.

April 12 2006

Yes, the Cubs 2003 meltdown is comparable, although fan interference is pretty rare so I imagine it really ratched up the "how can we find new ways to lose" agony.

I like seeing old games like that because its always astonishing to me that we once accepted that as entertainment. For example, NHL 2006 includes a version of NHL 1994. I played it for about 2 minutes before the nostalgia wore off and it just seemed really dumb. Perhaps kids of Charlie's generation will struggle to see the appeal of Halo 2 or Resident Evil 4.

April 12 2006

I've experienced that feeling of old games not wearing well. The gameplay isn't the problem. The problem is that I've become so accustomed to better graphics, and I can't get over the disparity.

Playing against someone is also a big part of it. I can see playing NHL 94 against the AI and it being not so much fun compared to the new versions. But I'm pretty if we sat down against one another, it'd be entertaining.

April 12 2006

That is true. In high school, we (me, my brother, the two Parizek brothers from across the street) played M-Network Baseball on the Atari 2600 long after it was obsolete just because it was fun to play against each other and wager on the outcome.

The graphics are a big part of the problem, but so is the lack of functions. In NHL 94, you didn't have nearly the control or number of special moves that you do now. The sega had one direction pad and three buttons. The PS2 controller has two sticks, a d-pad and eight buttons plus the select and start buttons.

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