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Friday · April 07 2006

How exactly can a woman standing at an organ and a guy on drums make for a great live show? Last night at Metro, Mates of State put on the most entertaining show that I've seen in a couple years. They spent 90 minutes bopping in place, playing frenetic pop riffs, and enjoying their own performance…the happy ingredient that is too often missing from live music.

Mates of State are a married duo, Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel. I suspect Stace and I liked the show more for the fact that they're married and obviously loving the time they spend performing together. They make flirty eyes at each other and trade harmonies while rarely looking to the audience, like they know about something going on that we don't. It all sounds kind of dopey, but it was really fun to watch. Add them to my list of bands I have live show crushes on.

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April 10 2006

damn it. I knew they would be good live. Maybe they will come here. Some day. SIGH.

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