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Wednesday · April 05 2006

For the first time, I took advantage of living close to work and walked the 2 miles home. I haven't had a good chance to do that since we moved in late November. Felt great to clear my head and stretch my legs out. Worth the extra time.

I picked up the new Flaming Lips CD on the way as well. Plan on listening to that today. Stace and I are going to see Mates of State tomorrow night at Metro and I'm also listening to Silversun Pickups on KEXP. They remind me of someone…

I also just learned that Bishop Allen is releasing a new EP every month this year. March, following up on January and February is now available. Since I don't think I've met a Bishop Allen song I haven't liked, this is good to learn.

What you had to say:
April 05 2006

I'm so jealous! It takes me just under an hour to walk the two miles home from the metro station - where was Charlie, and how did you manage to get an hour to yourself? I don't feel like I have that kind of 'extra' time. :-(

April 05 2006

Adding up the time walking to the L from work, waiting on the L platform and walking home from the L, I'd say all in all, walking the way home was an extra 15-20 minutes of time.

Even if I didn't have that kind of extra time, I felt like I needed it yesterday. The walk did me good.

Charlie was sick at home the last couple days with Stacy, but we usually come home separately anyway.

April 05 2006

It takes me 8 minutes total to walk from my apartment to my office. I can't begin to tell you how awesome that is. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Sometimes I drive (which only saves about 1 minute, because I can't drive the same way I walk) if its raining, like today.

April 06 2006

Going to see Mates of State?? Arrgg! So jealous!! They sound like they should be really good live.

Living a managable distance from the place you spend most of your waking hours is one of the greatest luxuries one can manage. Maybe it's different for everyone, but I love being able to get to the places I need without setting aside huge chunks of my day.

April 06 2006

Having done the Ravenswood-Schaumburg commute for a couple years, I couldn't agree more.

April 06 2006

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy walking to work every day. Even when it's raining, I usually just suck it up rather than taking a cab. Finding a taxi downtown in the rain would take more time than it just walking as fast as I can. Amen on the head clearing and leg stretching. Add to that list catching up on music listening and podcasting. Bring on the warm weather!!

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