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Friday · March 24 2006

When couples move in together, it's a good bet that a new pet or a baby joins the house soon after. The reason is this. Moving in together is a stressful event. Pets and babies not only give you both something to love together, but they also have the secret ability to be indirect communication channels.

Don't bother leaving secret love letters under the pillow or writing hateful messages on the mirror about leaving the toilet seat up. Get a pet or have a baby and speak your mind within earshot of your partner. Message sent. This should work for about 15 years…pets and babies. Don't try it with fish, though. They don't live that long and you look fucking stupid hinting at your Christmas wish list to your fish.

Cats and dogs are good, but babies provide you with a whole new level of insight into your partner's expectations of you. Every morning, Stacy gets Charlie from his crib, nurses him, and then changes his diaper when he's done eating. In between the feeding and the changing, he lays next to me on the bed while she “puts her eyes in.” He often cries because mom is walking away into the other room. Tuesday morning, she said, “Hold on, Booboo, Momma needs to see first, so I don't dress you in purple pants and a red shirt.”

I made the mental note. Purple pants, red shirt…don't go together. Charlie and I are going to learn so much together.

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March 24 2006

funny stuff

March 24 2006


March 24 2006

thanks guys! :)

March 24 2006

Do Stacy's contacts somehow make her non-colorblind (which this situation implies) because if so, that's a breakthrough medical device that I need to know about.

March 24 2006

No, not so cool as that Reed. Things are so fuzzy without my contacts that patterns (and to some extent colors) blend together and I could make some bad fashion choices for Charlie. It probably wouldn't ever be so bad as red and purple, but I am also teaching Jason about dressing his son. :)

March 26 2006

ah, shit..
now I guess I need a fashion consultant, or something..

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