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Wednesday · March 22 2006

Vote for the Worst
A site dedicated to voting for the worst singers on American Idol for the purpose of keeping the entertainment value up.

In other words, this explains how Kevin Covais, “the kid,” is still on the show.

What you had to say:
March 23 2006

Chicken Little got voted off last night, so looks like they've designated Kelly Pickler as the next "vote for the worst". Funny stuff. They kept Scott Savol in there pretty long last season. Funny thing is, he was pretty talented, he just had a very abrasive personality and some weird blinking habits.

March 23 2006

Admit it: I'll bet you're a fan of American Idol. Otherwise, how the hell would you know who Kevin Covais is, or how cringe-worthy he truly was? I can't imagine being called "Chicken Little" to be a complement.

The show is one of my guilty pleasures, but frankly, I'm growing a bit tired of it: the same type of comments from the judges, the way they pad the shows to fill time, and those lame and shameless product placements for Coke and Ford cars, among others. Paula Abdul claps like a trained seal, and Randy is apparently part dog.

Who you think will win?

March 23 2006

Yep, I've watched the last few weeks. Usually I just watch the first weeks whey they have all the horrible auditions. I'm already tired of it, though, because it's really the same thing week after week. Maybe I'll check back in several weeks and see where it's at.

March 23 2006

It's a bit tiresome, but I do like watching the performances. I like watching people compete and possibly do poorly.

March 27 2006

Schadenfreude (See: ) would explain the appeal of watching those horrible auditions/performances.

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