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Friday · March 17 2006

Things nobody tells you about the South Pole

There's a semicircle of flags around the barber pole and globe. These are the flags of all the nations that signed the International Antarctic Treaty, which defines the only actual law on the continent, most of which involve ecology, mining, and military movements, (read: no, no, and no, to pollution, mining, and military installations) and none of which involve theft of the pole itself.

Which brings us to this.

It is not illegal to steal the south pole.

However, in stealing the south pole one would inevitably incur the wrath of the local scientists and support workers, known affectionately as polies. And nobody fucks with polies.

If a polie catches you stealing the south pole, he or she will probably kill you. You won't see it coming. Your well-preserved body will be found by archaeologists 10,000 years from now.

What you had to say:
March 17 2006

polies. tee hee hee.

March 17 2006

I love the fact that the phrase "people fearful of scrutiny" links to a page on "civilization." A nice, simple definition, in my book.

If even 10% of that article is true, I'd be happy.

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