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Monday · March 13 2006

Obama's Gridiron Speech
Good chance you've already read this today. Obama sings, jokes, pokes fun at himself. Everyone laughs about Cheney's shooting accident. Hee Haw.

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What you had to say:
March 14 2006

what is the Grid Iron? er, gridiron?

March 14 2006

Thanks for posting that- I hadn't seen it. He's so awsome. I thought the self-effacing humor was the best...

March 14 2006

The Gridiron Club is some Washington insider club that exists purely for the annual dinner that hosts the President. Big wigs come and laugh and then their sound bites are used against them in future campaign smears. Good times.

March 15 2006

hahahah! That's brilliant!

We can only hope our Obama lives to achieve great things. It's been a while since a son of Illinois made a splash in national politics.

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