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Saturday · March 04 2006

Stacy and I were emptying boxes in the basement last weekend and I found one of the 2 nostalgia boxes I have. I've filled them mostly with letters and pictures from high school and college, but I've also saved a few more generally interesting things. One is the ballgame program from a Cubs-Astros game in 1979.

I don't remember if I went to this game with my dad or my uncle, since I know they both took me when I was small. I would have been 5 years old at this game, a year before I started playing peewee t-ball and collecting baseball cards.


Program back cover - Heileman's Old Style…fully kraeusened, naturally carbonated
Ticket prices - $6 for the best seats in the house, $1.50 for bleacher seats.
Food prices - Who doesn't miss a smokie link sandwich?
Team roster - Billy Buckner #22

What did the annoying Wrigley fan do at a Cubs game before they were able to spend the whole game yapping away on their cell phone? Watch the damn game and wait for an usher. (listed under the ticket prices)

All fans expecting emergency calls are asked to register your seat location before the game in the Information and Services Office on the ground level near the Clark Street entrance. An usher will contact you at your seat if a call is received. We thank you for your cooperation.

I'd happily go back to the old system.

What you had to say:
March 04 2006

pretty cool, j. i'm looking forward to seeing more stuff from the box.

March 04 2006

That's a pretty nice piece of memorabilia. I'm jealous.

March 04 2006

What a nice trip down memory lane. Very cool. I must admit, the last Cubs game I went to cost $6.00. I loved those Drexel frozen malts. Do they still have 'em?

March 05 2006

I went to my first Cubs game that year. All I remember is when they were warming up I asked my mom if the game was over yet.

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