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Monday · February 27 2006

The Torino Olympics are over. Did you have a favorite Olympic moment you'd like to share? I cheered for Apolo Ohno in the short track spring and I mocked Lindsay Jacobellis for not coming clean on her infamous hot dog move, but my favorite part was Canadian Clara Hughes win in the 5000m speedskating race. I've never seen anyone so overwhelmed at winning a race. On the medal stand, she sang along smiling to the Canadian anthem and pulled her teammate who finished 3rd up on to her gold pedestal. A close second for me would be anything from snowboarder Shaun White. It must be easy to make competition seem so fun when you're that much better than everyone else.

Things I'm looking for in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic coverage…

  • More skeleton, less luge. Face first is better.
  • No more sappy human interest stories on the athletes from Jimmy Roberts. If you want to keep these because viewers like it, contract a sympathy making pro like Oprah to do it.
  • More snowboard cross. Better yet, more snowboard, period. The sport is still young, so kids are still having fun with it. The snowboard cross is exciting to watch.
  • Scott Hamilton to pass out in repetitive excitement from yelping “Triple Toe!”
  • Maybe being there in Vancouver (Seattle isn't too far away)
What you had to say:
February 27 2006

My favorite moment was the final shot of the women's curling gold medal. The Swedes won with an awesome, impossible shot.

I watched a lot of the games, especially the curling. I love winter and I love things that go fast. But now I like curling too. I wish I could play.

I'm primarily interested in hockey, but most of those games were on while I was at work. The gold medal game was awesome, except it was on from 8 am to 10 am EST, so most people in the US were asleep. I only woke up in time for the third period.

I agree, more skeleton would be awesome. I want to try that so badly. It's like what I fantasized about as a kid when I was sledding. I'd think "wouldn't it be sweet if this were all ice."

Bobsled, on the other hand, is dumb. It's too much about the sled and what do those guys in the middle really do? Push. That's it. How dull.

The Jimmy Roberts things are lame, but inevitable. The tv people seem to think the success of the olympics rises and falls based on their ability to get that sappy-loving Oprah demographic.

I agree the snowboarding is great. I'm crap at anything that entails having both feet attached to the same thing, but the "X" sports are really what youth and sports should be about. Doing ones own thing with ones friends. Not some stuffy old people in fur coats frowning as they mark up a clipboard and nit-picking your lutz into toe loop.

Of the four (FOUR, why do they need four!) people in the booth for figure skating, only Scott Hamilton is tolerable. Dick Button is like a creepy old guy that tries to look down the shirt of young girls, except that he's clearly gay so, whatever the equivalent would be. That woman is equally awful. She's like the most annoying high school English teacher who'd mark your essays down for her most arbitrary whims. Tom Hamilton, the main guy, just grates with his condescention and melodrama.

The US Alpine team made asses out of themselves, in general. That's not suprising. I have some good friends who did skiing in high school, but a large portion of the local team were assholes.

Al Trautwig and Len Berman did their damndest to get Americans excited about cross-country and biathalon. The US sucks at it, but it's great. You have these very long hard races that often come down to less than a second. Those athletes are sick. Just watching them steam uphill like it was nothing makes my legs hurt. Biathalon is cool because you never know what's going to happen. A guy can get way out ahead, miss one more target than a guy 30 second behind and all of a sudden, the race is on again. And the fans! The Norwegians, Italians, Swedes, etc go absolutely apeshit for this stuff. I imagine it's because they camped out since the night before to get a good seat and have been sipping brandy all night.

February 27 2006

Earlier in the games, I had Olympics on in the background as I was on the computer. They were showing ice dancing, which doesn't interest me.

But then I heard the following exchange:

Dick Button "This just reeks. It reeks. It reeks of the feeling of seduction. Of latin seduction."

Unknown female commentator "I'm with you, Dick."

February 27 2006

I'm reliably informed that I got that above Dick Button quote wrong. It was:

""It REEKS of Latin music! It REEKS of dance!! It REEKS of... just... you know, the quality of seduction. Oh god -- I LIKE THIS!"

"I'm with you Dick.""

Before he talked about the dance reeking, he also mentioned that it oozed something or other.

February 28 2006

in the netherlands we didn't see many of the events that get a lot of air time in the US. When it's in the same time zone as you it's aired in real time as well, so there is a lot more downtime while you are waiting for the action to happen. I found I actually missed the editing a little. Although I suppose if I could have understood what the commentators were saying (all Dutch, of course!) it might have been more engaging.

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