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Tuesday · January 31 2006

Perhaps the period starting last Friday and ending sometime in the (hopefully) near future will one day be (hopefully) remembered as…

“Hey, hon, remember when nobody would buy our condo and we finally caved and bought the damn stainless steel appliances and new countertops? And then two weeks later, we got a great offer and the place was sold? Remember how that same week we had to find new day care for Charlie because it wasn't working out? I'm glad that's over and better. Seemed like that all happened in, like, 4 days.”

“I think it did.”

Warning: condo not sold…yet…that's the hopeful part

What you had to say:
February 07 2006

Yikes! Dan told me about your kitchen and I was floored! I didn't know about the daycare situation, though.

February 15 2006

So, it's two weeks later... any good news?!?!

February 15 2006

Ya'll are going to force me back here, aren't you? I'll post some pics of the new counters and appliances later on.

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