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Tuesday · January 24 2006

I was pouring orange juice out of the gallon jug this morning, and Diane Sawyer pronounced January 24 the most unhappy day of the year. News filler based on holiday letdown, big credit card bills, cold weather, etc, but it doesn't apply to me this January 24.

  • I've been using an inventory tracker app to hunt down an available Xbox 360. Stock showed up this morning and Stacy picked one up for me at 10am.
  • We're finally getting our blinds delivered for our living room picture window. I've had a real issue with irrational fishbowl living paranoia since we moved, so this makes me very happy.
  • Extremely productive morning at work.
  • Tapioca bubble strawberry freeze at lunch.
What you had to say:
January 24 2006 mine- Diane Sawyer just may be right!! But things are hopefully on the upswing- i didn't realize how much weather has an affect on people-now i realize i may just be one of those people who wouldn't do well in Portland! or maybe it's moving from sunny cali :)

January 25 2006

I have to say Diane was right on the money for me as well. Nothing particularly awful happened, but I had a horribly aggrivating, stressful workday followed by a train delay and missed bus. Boo on the 24th says me.

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