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Wednesday · January 18 2006

Zork meets the Bush presidency
I realize 2 of the last 4 posts are links to dy, but this is too clever to pass up. If you don't know what Zork is or have never heard of the Bush presidency, just skip it.

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What you had to say:
January 18 2006

I checked dy this morning before I checked you... and I had a feeling you'd link to it.

LOVING it. Brilliant.

January 19 2006

Zork was cool, but I remember playing an InfoCom game called Deadline where you were supposed to solve a murder mystery. I never made much progress.

January 21 2006


That was so good.


January 21 2006

Things Democrats should have done a little over a year ago:

1) Spend less time blogging about how bad the president is
2)Spend more time finding a suitable opponent to run against incumbent in the election

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