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Thursday · January 12 2006

When buying organic pays and when it doesn't
The suck of all this is that you pretty much have to shop at 2 stores if you want organic produce and meat (which I'm into) AND chips that don't taste like styrofoam packaging peanuts and cost $5 a bag.

Organic/non-organic broccoli and bread make no difference to me, but the taste difference in chicken and most fruits is clear.

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What you had to say:
January 12 2006

There are other reasons to consider buying organic than just pesticides. Sustainable agriculture, fair trade and labor standards, declining to support companies with whose business practices you may take issue.

January 12 2006

That's very true. But why is it so hard to combine fair trade and taste in a snack chip? We know how to clone sheep, but we can't make a Dorito that doesn't taste like ass AND I can feel good about eating.

January 12 2006

Two words: Trader Joes

January 12 2006

Is the chip brand called Trader Joes or is it only some brand they sell there?

January 13 2006

Nothing specific. I just know they carry a lot of organic items and their prices are reasonable.
Apropos of nothing- can you point me toward your favorite mp3 blogs? I know you've posted about it before.....

January 14 2006

I think people why buy organic potato chips need to realign their priorities. So...sustainable farming and pesticide use are of greater concern than obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol and hypertension?? What's that all about? C'mon, man...they're still potato chips.

January 14 2006

If you are buying organic potato chips to be healthier, I think that the previous comment is true - you are an idiot.

However, the current commercial farming regimen that demands higher and higher output is leading to increased salinization of fields, soil erosion, etc. throughout the world and including the US. Treating soil with tons of stuff is unecessary and leads down a precipitous road. The end of this road ends in global population collapse and the inevitable economic collapse that will follow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that buying organic potato chips will save the world. I do think supporting people that take a long view in terms of food production is a good thing.

And one more thing - I have Lays potato chips in my snack drawer at this moment, so I am a hypcrite.

January 19 2006

Just because something is organic doesn't mean the producers are fair to their employees or that they aren't doing something else bad, does it?

January 23 2006

No it doesn't. In fact Odwalla was the subject of an investigation into anti-competitive business practices. They paid fairly large fines.

Despite that, I would guess if you carefully looked at it, organic food producers would generally be better employers and more ethical though.

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