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Monday · December 05 2005

The last two days constituted our first “real person” weekend in about 3 months. I don't mean “real person” in the sense of childless couple who attends parties after 8pm, sees movies without a 3 day lead time for family babysitting coverage, or even sleeps past 7:30am. (Though I did get to sleep until 10am Saturday morning, more below.) I mean “real person” in the sense of not spending our entire weekend cleaning our house, packing our house, or moving our house.

I'm not going to move again for 40 years when they roll me out because I can't climb the stairs to bed anymore. And if I do, I'm burning all our stuff first and I'm hiring someone to pick up every piece of lint and cat hair so that “prospective buyers” — who should really be called “indecisive lookers who refuse to live in a home without stainless steel appliances because, after all, these are the most attractive containers to store frozen pizza boxes” — can feel that the previous owners set an example of neat-freakness that they can only hope to aspire to, what with all the crumbs and empty pizza boxes.

So, I'm not bitter. I just sound that way. I really do want you to buy my condo.

The “real person” weekend. I slept late Saturday morning (thanks, Stace) after late-night Halo2, but I made up for it by cooking lots of food on Sunday. French toast for breakfast, and apples and spice pork roast and potato pancakes for dinner. Good winter food. Stef, John, and Yelena came by on Saturday afternoon. Charlos got his first baby smooch from Yelena. 7 months…nicely done. I think I was 13 years for mine. Saturday night, Charlie stayed with my mom, Eugene, and my aunt and uncle in the evening, while Stace and I ate out and saw the Harry Potter movie. We drove home in the snow.

I didn't pick up one piece of cat hair or care that I didn't.

What you had to say:
December 06 2005

jason - this one was really nicely written. i read it three times.

December 06 2005

Thank you, Chris. I thought maybe I might scare everyone off with my condo rant. It really does feel good to relax again.

December 07 2005

It certainly does feel good to not have to clean every weekend. We were just laughing at the random stuff left on our coffee table last night: The Night Before Christmas, a hammer, xbox controllers, cord ties, a felt flower. There were more that I can't remember right now - what an assortment!

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