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Wednesday · November 23 2005

We moved on Saturday. I've been told that moving is the third most disruptive event in life (presumably behind the death of an immediate family member and divorce). I believe it, though moving to another city or state is far more disruptive than hauling your stuff 8 miles north. We're getting close to normal, which is good, since I've felt really cut-off from everyone and everything the last couple weeks. I'm for fixing that soon.

What you had to say:
November 23 2005

Congratulations! I can't wait to see the new place!

November 25 2005

"I'm for fixing that soon," is a subtle Brit-ism idn't it? I like it. It's a good job you haven't begun taking tea though.

November 25 2005

It could be a Brit-ism; I'm not really sure. After 2 and a half years , I feel like I reuse the same expressions too often, so it's time for some new blood, Brit or otherwise.

I did just read that coffee is starting to rival tea in popularity in England. It's this younger generation.

November 25 2005

Nah. It's just that coffee tastes better and packs three times the caffeine punch. Coffee is fluid powerbean-brew, while tea is basically water with some dirt in it. To make tea you basically have to go to the backyard and take whatever is stuck under the chain-link fence and put it in some hot water. Then sip it slowly while criticizing children for making too much noise and then nod off in your chair and drool on your cardigan.

November 26 2005

Them's fightin' words.

November 27 2005

Glad to hear you survived the move -- welcome to the neighborhood!

November 28 2005

tea is for when you are sick. Drinking tea for fun would be like sittomg down to a piping hot mug of cough syrup.

November 28 2005

ahh, looks like it only takes a long weekend for me to lose all ability to type.

November 28 2005

I just had some cough syrup this morning and the though of an entire mug of that crap would make me wretch. Blech. I, too, only drink tea when I'm sick.

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