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Wednesday · November 23 2005

Bands and their corresponding authors

The rationale of these parings could be specific or intuitive. In musical alphabetical order it begins with linking AC/DC to Julia Childs. Rationale: they are both extremely popular, are reliable craftsmen, and exude a charismatic, “come on and get it” quality. A more typical and legible pairing is Kate Bush—James Joyce: in this case, Bush’s lyrics are in the Joyce tradition. Some other more indirect connections include Douglas Adams to Phish (their fans are similar types and both artists are whimsical) and Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Vonnegut (an adolescent’s discovery of each one has a similar thrilling quality).

Make sure to scroll forward through the blog entries for plenty more author/band pairings. Most don't have explanations and many are unknown to me, but some of the pairs are really clever and dead on.

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November 23 2005

Madonna:Anne Rice

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