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Friday · November 18 2005

The top 40 bands in America
The discussion is always the best part of a music list. Ted Leo seems to be the consensus “left out for no reason” pick. Impossible for me to believe he doesn't make a top 40. I'd put The Mountain Goats #1, but you already knew that.

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What you had to say:
November 18 2005

I agree Ted Leo should be on the list. The Decemberists would be in my top three. I saw them live last month and it was easily the best show I’ve seen in years. I would have included CYHSY (big surprise), Chin Up Chin Up, and Beck. I probably would have given a token spot to Guided by Voices (even though they broke up a few hours into 2005) just because they’re one of the best American bands of the past 20 years.

Kelly Clarkson? She should be excluded for many reasons, the least of which being she’s essentially a karaoke act, not a band.

November 18 2005

Speaking of GBV, "Fucking Bob Pollard" by Ben Krieger is a must listen if you haven't heard it yet. Damn funny.

Can find the track here:

Was also cool to see Crooked Fingers on this list. And obviously Spoon.

November 18 2005

Thanks for the link, Jason. I'll check that out. I just picked up the DVD of GBV's final concert (at the Metro). They played 65 songs over the course of four hours. Certainly not the best concert film I've seen, but it does manage to capture the essence of a GBV show, for better or worse.

It was cool to see Crooked Fingers and Spoon on the list. I saw Spoon in Boulder last weekend and they were great, as always. I think the new album sounds better live.

Oh, I would add Head of Femur to that Top 40 list. Do you like them?

November 24 2005

Did Ted Leo release an album this year? That seems to be basically a requirement because otherwise they missed some obvious bands: Modest Mouse for one.

Though I don't particularly like them, I think System of a Down should have made this list. They are at least pretty unique and they have escaped the nu metal deathbed when Korn and Limp Biskit could not.

November 25 2005

Dan, I think you're right...need an album released this year to be on this list. That makes much more sense.

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