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Tuesday · November 15 2005

Our condo looks like an Iowa tornado ripped through here this weekend. Boxes and newspaper are everywhere. We move this Saturday. Finally. We haven't been able to sell our place, but Kristin is going to move in until she finds a place of her own. Not a total loss, but the resale market has been very disappointing this fall.

At the new house, on Sunday, I painted about 80% of the new office/computer/Xbox/Foof chair room. Stacy is going to finish up in there today. The weekend before last, we painted the dining room. Two down, several to go, though the rest will have to wait until after the move. I had to finish the office ahead of time, because moving electronics is a pain in the ass.

It seems like forever that we've been waiting to move. There's going to be plenty of things to do at the new house, but constantly cleaning for open houses and showings won't be one of them. I'm done with that.

What you had to say:
November 15 2005

It also seems like just yesterday that you guys moved into your condo!! Time flies as you... get older?!

November 15 2005

I think that's why it's important to shake things up once in awhile. Having new things to get used to slow life down for me. Once you're in the routine, that's when time starts flying by.

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