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Thursday · November 03 2005

I stopped at the book store during lunch to get a few new books for Charlie. The variety is for my sake; I'm sure he'd be content to grab and munch on the pages of Papa, Papa for hours. At the checkout counter, the clerk asked me if I wanted to donate a book to a local children's cause. He pointed to the display of kid's books behind him and even offered to choose one for me. The only two that caught my eye were Goodnight Moon and What Do Dinosaurs Eat?. Goodnight Moon because you can't beat a classic and Dinosaurs because the T-Rex on the cover looked bad ass.

“Sure, how bout Goodnight Moon? I like reading that one.”
“Yeah, everyone picks that one. I think we're going to run out.”
“Well, I can pick the dinosaur book. I don't want them to have 8 copies of the same book.”
“No, it's fine.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, it's fine.”

I feel like I just donated The DaVinci Code to a high-school library.

© 2005 Jason Keglovitz