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Wednesday · November 02 2005

Daily Kakuro
First, there was Sudoku. Now there is Kakuro, another Japanese number-puzzle game. I haven't tried one yet.

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What you had to say:
November 03 2005

The best sites are and - Proudly destroying productivity since 2005.

November 03 2005

Thanks Anneke. I'll check those out.

November 03 2005

Just tried the karokusan. Didn't work.

Looks like the URL is actually

November 03 2005

Yep. I almost wrote how I thought it was frustrating that, just when I learned how to say 'sudoku' (not 'suduko'), I found the new game that transposed the 'o' and 'u' sounds. Oops.

November 07 2005

Another site for free kakuro puzzles is

A freeware computer game for download.

December 02 2005

For all the fans from the Netherlands
there is
All the Good Stuff is here
Come and Play Kakuro if you dare...

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