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Thursday · October 27 2005

You are 6 months old, Charlie

Ah, to be 6 months old again. Sleep in velour pajamas; gather applause when you roll onto your tummy; dad plays air guitar on command. It's posh.

The last month:
Charlie loves the fish in our aquarium. He reaches out to touch them whenever I hold him near.

He's not so much into car rides anymore, because I think he's realized it's boring to look at the backseat for more than 2 minutes.

He spends three days a week with Aunt Di and Uncle Al when they come to watch him while Stacy is at work. We're all happy that it's working out so well for everyone. There's no substitute for family.

He still loves bathtime, sweet potatoes, his Baby Beethoven video, and all the time we spend smiling and dancing for him.

You all promised it would get better, and it really is.

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What you had to say:
October 28 2005

Happy 6 months Charles! I can't wait to see him on Halloween!

October 28 2005

Happy 1/2 birthday to you Charlos!! you get more and more adorable every day and i can't wait to see you- 5 weeks whoo hoo! And your mommy and daddy have done such a great job so far raising such a beautiful boy-congrats!

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