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Monday · October 24 2005

We signed 62 pieces of paper while Charlie fussed in front of 2 attorneys and a realtor and we walked away with the keys to our new home. Yesterday, while an open house ran at our condo, we drove up to sit in the empty space. I turned on the boiler for some heat, sat in the bathtub with my clothes on, and jumped up and down on the floors, because I can. We're so excited to move in next month.

What you had to say:
October 24 2005

Congradulations you guys!! Can't wait to see the place!

October 24 2005

Congrats! Are you going to use this time to do anything to the house?

October 24 2005

That's a really good point.

Although I'm sure spending more money is not high on your priority list right now, having a totally empty house is a rare opportunity to do (or have done) serious interior work with a lot less hassle that usual (painting, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, etc...)

October 24 2005

Dan's right - paint everything and sand the floors!

October 24 2005

We were definitely going to paint, but I hadn't thought about doing the floors. How much of a job is that usually? I suppose if ever there was a time to do the floors, this would be it.

October 24 2005

Floors are a pretty big job - labor wise (if you do it yourself) and cost wise (if you hire someone). I agree that if you are going to do them, now is a good time, because it is also a really messy job - it kicks up a lot of dust. My sis and bro both had it done when they moved into their houses in the last couple years.

October 25 2005

Congratulations! I'm so happy for your guys. (Okay, and a little jealous, too.)

Huge job for floors... My neighbor is doing hers right now and the whole building reeks of fumes ...

October 26 2005

Congratulations! Maybe now we'll actually see you guys since you're in the neighborhood!

October 26 2005

This is wonderful. Congratulations!

October 27 2005


I think I'm behind the curve. What neighborhood is this in?

October 31 2005

Congratulations! - I'm a little behind as well, but there's nothing like a fully-clothed bath in your own place.

We regret not putting some $ into our floors as they turned out pretty bad for a new place. We're thinking of re-doing them now, but using a new non-messy technique that we need to research more.

November 01 2005

I just looked back at this picture and noticed... is someone standing in the window?

November 01 2005

Yep. That's one of our realtors. Stacy took this picture the day after we had submitted our offer, back in August.

November 01 2005

I noticed that before, but I didn't want to say anything! Now I just feel stupid. Well, it's a relief to know that you're not moving into a haunted house.

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