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Tuesday · October 04 2005

Made up words in The Simpsons
Includes my favorites, “unpossible” and “tramapoline.” Also includes Dan's favorite, “jerkass.”

What you had to say:
October 04 2005

It is sad that I know this, but some of the words are listed incorrectly in this link.

They have any entry as "cromulent." The correct made up word is "promulent." As in, "Embiggens" is a perfectly promulent word.

Also, for the record, the one i use all the time is "jerkface." Bart taunts Jimbo Jones with, "Hey jerface, you have the face of a jerk."

I'm done being a nerd now ... er, for the next five minutes.

October 04 2005

Seeing that it's wikipedia, you are encouraged to correct it. I'm serious.

October 04 2005

They left out "Woozle Wuzzle".
Wait, what am I telling you guys for?
I guess I need to go add it myself.

October 04 2005

Now I thought I was a big nerd, but it turns out that the fake word really is "cromulent" and other people have done a lot of research to prove it. Promulent just makes so much more sense to me because it sounds like prominent.

They don't have "jerkface" though, so perhaps I will make my contribution to nerdkind.

October 04 2005

i love wikipedia. there. i said it.

October 05 2005

Dan - So, that was your "poor/bizarro" revision, eh?
Promulent? That's unpossible!

kegz - Can links be embedded in these comments? I tried the good 'ol "a href=" for the link above, but it didn't preview, so I gave up. Just curious.

October 05 2005

I have disabled HTML in the comments on purpose because of evildoers. If you want to post a link, just paste like you did.

October 05 2005

No, i never actually changed it. I reviewed my Simpsons Book, and they have a quote from that episode listed as "cromulent". There is also a really throrough explanation on the site having to do with that word being lifted from "Black Adder" - a British comedy. So i figured that i was outgeeked. It's funny that other people thought it was "promulent" though.

I did create the entry for "Jerkface". So i have made my mark.

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