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Monday · October 03 2005

Stacy and I saw Serenity yesterday, our second movie in the theatre since Charlie was born for those who are counting. Serenity is an extension of Joss Whedon's ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) cancelled TV series, Firefly. We had never seen an episode of Firefly, but Ebert said in his review, “I'm not sure the movie would have much appeal for non-sci-fi fans, but it has the rough edges and brawny energy of a good yarn, and it was made by and for people who can't get enough of this stuff. You know who you are.”

We, being the sort who know we can't get enough of this sort of stuff, saw Serenity, and totally enjoyed it. The first 10 minutes have a great hook, the story is traditional, but well written, and the dialogue doesn't take itself as seriously as the geek-speak in The Matrix or the stilted drama of a Star Wars prequel. In fact, I'd say it's too bad the Star Wars prequels weren't this willing to have fun and return to the space opera roots of the original Star Wars. Serenity isn't too far off from what you'd expect of a Han Solo-only movie.

Wired also has a good review.

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October 21 2005

We also liked the movie enough to buy the TV series firefly on DVD; watching that made us want to see the movie a second time.

Whedon has touched a nerve in our society. I hope he is able to continue with this series.

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