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Monday · October 03 2005

The OJ verdict was announced 10 years ago today. I watched it in the 7th floor conference room at work, where the company had rolled in a television so everyone could watch. It's hard to imagine this happening in an office workplace today. It's not just that the internet brings everything to us instantly with news tickers, Google desktop, blogs, and live streamed video, erasing the need for 30 cube dwellers to huddle around a TV. It's that we just don't give as much of a crap about celebrity trials like we used to.

Think about the Challenger explosion, the Berlin Wall coming down, the opening nights of Desert Storm, the OJ verdict, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina and how you consumed the news and info at the moment they became huge events.

Is it weird to see the OJ verdict on that list?

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October 04 2005

Frontline on PBS is on this subject 2nite

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