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Thursday · September 29 2005

Trailer for Shining, a twisted recut of Stephen King's The Shining, as a feel-good, family journey film. I'd love to see more of these, like maybe Caddyshack as a serious drama.

Update: Apparently, the site hosting this is getting totally hammered. It deserves too, as this is one of the better web videos I've seen in awhile — so clever. If you can't see it today, try again in a couple days. It's worth your time.

Update II: Try this mirror of Shining if the link above isn't working.

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What you had to say:
September 29 2005

I love it.

October 01 2005

I think it was the use of Solisbury Hill that made it sooooo perfect.

The best part is there is only one line that isn't in the movie, "Hi Danny, I'm your new foster father."

October 01 2005

too funny that they show him making out with the dead women from the tub.

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