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Wednesday · September 28 2005

The Hold Steady Not Too Cool for School

Sometimes school doesn't suck. Sometimes school ROCKS. Like on October 25, when the Hold Steady will perform a live acoustic set during seventh period (12:40-2:10 pm, folks) in Littleton, Colorado's Littleton High School gymnasium.

These things never happened to me in high school. We got a crazed 6'6'' gym coach sporting a bowl haircut and too small Bike shorts running around the gymnasium with a microphone screaming, “GO RAMBLERS!”

The class is currently studying the band's music and using the lyrics to fuel class discussion. In preparation for the big day, the kids are participating in an invitation-design contest, constructing a Hold Steady Advent calendar and…wait for it…staging a Hold Steady look-alike contest.

The Hold Steady - October 28 @ The Logan Square Auditorium

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What you had to say:
September 29 2005

this was the band we saw at intonation fest right jay?

September 29 2005

Yep, the same.

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