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Tuesday · September 27 2005

Charlie, you're 5 months old today. In just that short amount of time, you're already starting to be alot like your old man.


  • We make it widely known when we're hungry and how we must eat NOW.
  • We have a difficult time napping, preferring to tire ourselves to the point of exhaustion, complain we stayed up too late, and then fall asleep immediately.
  • We like to laugh. In fact, we both think that I and your feet are more entertaining than television.
  • We enjoy blowing raspberries and bubbles in people's faces. It gets us attention.
  • Your mom would describe both of us as a “handful” and laugh about it.
  • We both hate airport security and people telling us to take off our shoes.
  • Bananas give us gas.

Everyone tells me how much we look alike and grandma shows me pictures from when I was your age — no doubt you're my son — you're high strung, need lots of attention, and love it when mom tells you what big, beautiful, blue eyes you have.

We were worried for awhile if you were growing enough, but I think you're doing fine. You're eating sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, bananas, and rice cereal — the spoon cannot get there fast enough. You work hard on rolling over and sitting up, but tummy time can be a bitch. You switch from laughter to screaming in less than 5 seconds with no warning. You still love your Baby Bjorn, but mom and I have decided we're not walking you into 1st grade in it. You prefer to eat pages in books rather than turn them. Your feet apparently kick ass. You make eating in restaurants impossible. You win our staring contests, because your bubbles are funnier than mine. You love bathtime. You talk to yourself in your crib in the morning waiting until I or mom show up so you can give us a morning smile and start our day off right.

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What you had to say:
September 27 2005

Congrats on this milestone. I find this all very funny because Dan and I were saying just the other day that we can already see a lot of Jason in Charlie (both looks and demeanor). I hope our baby #2 takes after Dan, who basically slept 90% of the time when he was a baby. Only a few weeks left to go - that makes me incredibly nervous.

September 27 2005

Happy 5 months lil Charlos! Hopefully auntie kristin will be living near you by your 7 month milestone- that's the goal- root me on :)
let's see...7 months- he'll be rolling over both ways and sitting up on his own- no more need for dumb tummy time- right Charlie??

September 27 2005

Happy 5 months Charlie. Can't wait to start watching you on Monday.
Love Aunt Di

September 28 2005

Happy 5 months Charlie! look at those cheeks! Soon they will rival your girlfriend's... ;)

October 05 2005

i brought kristin by after her job interviews i saw you , you smiled, and my heart melted. i am so proud of what my son jason and stacy have created, and i feel such a strong love for you!

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