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Sunday · September 25 2005

"Off the Record" by My Morning Jacket
I want to know the secret.

"Jed's Other Poem" by Grandaddy
User-programmed video on an Apple ][+. Spooky, brilliant, and with source code in the credits.

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What you had to say:
September 27 2005

Thanks for posting that video - that was pretty cool. I've been trying to get you to buy that Grandaddy album for years now. Did you ever buy it? Many good tracks on it if you haven't. Also, that song is truncated in the video. There is probably another minute or so.

September 27 2005

Yep, I have it. I think you gave me a copy a few years back. I like it alot.

btw, I did think it seemed short at the time, but I didn't compare.

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