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Tuesday · September 20 2005

Hooters Employee Handbook
No butt cheek revealing. No tatoos showing. Suntan pantyhose only. (Unless you are dark skinned, then one shade darker. But, for the love of God, never lighter.)

“If the panthose run or snag, they must be replaced for you to continue your shift.”

No long fingernails.

“Excessively long nails distract from the wholesome look and will not be allowed.”

I read the whole thing and no mention of…um…hooter requirements.

What you had to say:
September 20 2005

my roommate in college worked at Hooters (they even offered to relocate her to one of their new restaurants opening in Chile). She always insisted it was a family place, where lots of people brought their kids.

I would guess though that brasier technology has advanced to the point where size is no longer a Hooters issue.

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