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Sunday · September 18 2005

Question for those of you who have read Green Eggs and Ham to a child: Is it standard procedure to read the book in your best Jesse Jackson voice? Because Charlie dug the hell out of it. He stared at my face the whole time instead of the book — I think he knew I was enjoying it more than he was.

Archived: Offspring » September 2005
What you had to say:
September 19 2005

I don't know about Charlie, but it sure gave me the the perfect start to a Monday morning. Priceless!

September 19 2005

Green Eggs and Ham was the very first book I ever 'read' (probably just recited from memory) by myself. I liked that book so much I asked my mom to make green eggs and ham for me just to try it. I plan on reading that book to my kids a lot... just as long as I don't have to make green eggs and ham for them.

September 20 2005

I remember that Brad. I think mom did end up making you green eggs and ham. I think I passed on those. :)

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