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Thursday · September 15 2005

The “Date Added” column in my iTunes library is getting sparse, since I haven't had time to find new stuff. What are you listening to lately? Point me in a direction.

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What you had to say:
September 15 2005

The new Frank Blank (Honeycomb) has some outstanding songs on it, though it's a bit inconsistent. Just don't go looking for the lost Pixies album. This is more down-South country-tinged R&B.

A while back I bought an album by the Ponys that you might find interesting (maybe fits as "new to you" if not exactly new).

Other than that, I just bought Ill Communication from the used bin at Laurie's, so I might be a decade or so behind the times.

September 15 2005

the latest OK Go, but I believe you have that already.

September 15 2005

"Ten Easy Pieces" by Jimmy Webb. It came out maybe ten years ago but I just downloaded it and can't stop listening to it. Mainly just Jimmy singing with his own piano accompaniment. Very moving performances.

"Words and Music" by John Mellencamp. Never gets old, at least for me.

September 15 2005

I think you gotta go out to Fats Domino, Prof. Longhair, Dr. John Dixie Cups, Nevilles...they all got two thousand wortha sun glasses and fit ta party

October 06 2005

The new Broken Social Scene (self-titled) is fantastic. You might like the debut full-length by Wolf Parade (produced by Isaac Brock). Also, I'm digging Franz Ferdinand's 2nd album (which you probably already picked up) and the latest from My Morning Jacket. And, finally, I still recommend Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. If I think of others, I'll let you know.

October 06 2005

I picked up the My Morning Jacket release and I love it. Dan sent me 2 Wolf Parade tracks which I haven't listened to yet. I'm certain I'll get the new Franz Ferdinand, I just haven't yet.

Thanks for the reminders.

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