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Monday · September 12 2005

When gamers become parents
A look at the attitudes of game industry insiders in the parenting role. This will eventually be a big issue for me, because the games now are so different than the ones I logged thousands of hours on as a kid. The content available is much more mature and diverse, requiring more complex decisions by me as a parent on what I play and play around my kid.

Simple statements like “Video games are bad and rot your brain.” or “Video games are great for learning, socializing, and developing problem solving skills.” are inadequate. There's so much out there, that, in some respects, I may be in a better position than many to evaluate what my kids are playing, because I'm so familiar with the media myself. Ultimately, it's about spending the time, paying attention, and using your head. And making sure they can't beat you in any game until at least age 12.

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