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Monday · September 12 2005

Since I'm sorta on the topic of parent-appropriate gaming, I'll point out that Burnout 4: Revenge comes out tomorrow. No racing game is as stupidly fast, fun, and all about causing the most absurd, twisted wrecks imaginable.

Review from 1up:

You may notice right away that same-way traffic no longer poses a threat — this is perhaps the most significant change to the Burnout fundamentals in the series' young history. What used to be mobile and highly-stressful roadblocks are now mobile and highly-destructive weapons. Purists may take a while to get over the switch from skill to thrill, but there's plenty of oncoming traffic, immovable buses and unfortunately-placed cement pillars to avoid. Using fellow motorists as shields and projectiles adds quite a bit of strategy to takedown offense and defense, and the Traffic Attack mode (hit as many cars from behind as you can) provides Zen-like commuter therapy. Just shunt your troubles away.

$40 at Target pre-order.

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