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Friday · September 09 2005

This morning is not starting off right. The back door lock is jammed shut; I forgot my phone; I sprinted for 2 blocks to catch the Metra to work, then realized I forgot the Right Guard this morning, necessitating a quick trip to CVS pharmacy before getting to the office.

However, I do have this going for me…

The good news is that today is Stacy's birthday. Charlie couldn't wait to wish mom a happy birthday, so he got up extra early for her. Grandma is watching the boy tomorrow, which is a great gift for mom and dad.

Happy Birthday and 9 years together, Stace!

What you had to say:
September 09 2005

What a beautiful picture.

Welcome home, you were missed.

Stacy's birthday is one of the only one of my friends that I don't forget. The date is just stuck in my head; I guess b/c I've been trying to remember it for ... oh... say .... Almost TWENTY YEARS!

September 09 2005

Me too - not the twenty years part, just the date part. I remember Stacy looking forward to the humongous party she would have on 9/9/99 (although I can't at all remember how the party went. hmmm.....)

Happy Birthday, Stace!

September 09 2005

Happy Birthday Stacy!

September 10 2005

Happy Birthday!

September 10 2005

Happy birthday, Stacy! Jason, I think this is the best picture you've ever blogged. I love it.

September 10 2005

Thanks, Mojan. It's my favorite picture as well.

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