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Tuesday · August 30 2005

I received a notice for jury duty a couple weeks ago to appear in court next Wednesday. We're coming back from Seattle that afternoon, so I called 312-603-JURY to reschedule. I was prepared to speak with a person and give them my well thought out excuse for why I couldn't make the assigned date. I called first thing this morning in the hopes of getting a phone clerk in the best mood possible.

Of course, an automated service answered my call, asked for my jury number, and verified my name. The recorded voice then asked me the simplest question I'll ever answer: “If you would like to reschedule your jury date in 3 months, press 1. If you would like to reschedule your jury date in 6 months, press 2.”


“You have been approved for a 6 month reschedule.”

Sometimes, bureaucracy is simple.

© 2005 Jason Keglovitz