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Friday · August 26 2005

Stacy went out with Stef and her friend Shelly last night for a way, way, way overdue girls night out. Forty minutes before she left, Charlie had the worst gas-crying fit I've ever seen from him — 20 minutes of fire engine level screaming. Stacy said, “I'm not going to be able to go if he's like this.” I thought, “No, even if I have to wear earplugs for 4 hours, you're going.” I also thought, “I am going to go crazy if he's like this.”

After a Big Burp, he relaxed, ate his before bed meal, and fell asleep. Stace walked out the door at 9pm and Charlie slept quietly the whole time she was gone. Lucky, lucky me.

© 2005 Jason Keglovitz