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Thursday · August 25 2005

Since we put our home on the market, nearly every piece of surface-top clutter in our house has been expunged to hidden drawers, closets, and the trash can. One of these items was the change basket I've been dumping my daily change into for the last few years. Stace took it to the bank on Tuesday to have it counted and exchanged for bills. I was thinking $75 or $100, maybe $150 max…

$313.28 in that basket!

I love free money.

What you had to say:
August 25 2005

Damn! that's a lotta money

August 25 2005

That must have been one big basket! I'm impressed that Stacy was even able to carry that much change. Actually, we have a much smaller change bin and I'm embarrased to admit that I've actually had to delve into ours a couple times for tipping. I'm sure delivery guys love me for that.

August 25 2005

It really wasn't that big, just very, very dense. It probably weighed 25 or 30lbs.

August 25 2005

It seemed VERY heavy. I thank the stroller for doing most of the work!

August 26 2005

A friend of mine does something really cool with his spare change. He saves it all year, religiously, and then on his "special day" does something completely frivolous with it -- often a party for his friends, or a camping trip with a select few, or something else that (usually, but not always) involves other people who are important to him. His special day isn't his birthday, but the anniversary of when he first became an organizer, and he invites all his friends that do the same kind of work to share in his spare-change-fueled riches.

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