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Monday · August 01 2005

I should have posted this on Friday, so you wouldn't yell at me for ruining your early week productivity. Sorry, HB.

Chris, it goes without saying, but don't click this link.

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What you had to say:
August 01 2005

I am addicted!!!! finally got to level four and can't pass it!! thanks jay- it has taken up my morning between patients :)

August 01 2005

evil indeed.

i haven't dared started to play, just watched the demo.

like the new banner a lot ...

August 01 2005

Thanks. It's a shot of 333 Wacker from the Chicago River tour boat we were on this weekend with Stacy's cousins.

August 02 2005

Yeah, nice banner.

Good news about the game though - no chance of addiction. I'm too slow and my mouse is too old.

But my keyboard is smokin. Remember that typing game you posted a link to where you had to type the letters as they scrolled across the screen sideways? That was cool. Cool I say.

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