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Sunday · July 24 2005

Drag the blue vertices around so that no line overlaps. This plays like trying to untangle the mess of power cords, speaker wire, and ethernet cables in my house, but more fun and addictive than that chore.

A 19-year old CompSci student at Case Western Reserve invented the game 2 weeks ago based on an idea his math major girlfriend came up with. The Flash game is averaging 60k hits per day already. Here's the background story.

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What you had to say:
July 25 2005

why do you do these things to me? why?

July 25 2005

The next addictive Flash game I post will carry the disclaimer: "Chris, do not click this link!"

July 27 2005

This reminds me of untangling a necklace chain that has been in a pocket. You can't just pull on it like a know in a string - you have to lay it down on a table and move the loops around.

July 28 2005

Thoughts While Paused At Level Seven: I'm not sure this is more fun than untangling a bunch of wires and cables. I think it's just about the same amount of fun, except that you're not accomplishing anything by figuring it out, and, as the guy says, there might not be any way to untangle them due to bugs in the program, so it's possible I'll stay up all night working on something that can't ever be finished, no matter what I do. I hope that doesn't happen.

July 28 2005

Okay. Okay. I want to go on record here saying that the fun part ends for me after level six, and then it spirals into a nauseating, obsessive frenzy. Level seven took me almost 15 minutes. Level eight took me 45 minutes. Yes. I was moving dots around for three-quarters of an hour. I just glanced at level nine and it's not hard to believe it could take more than a couple of hours. And that would not be two hours of fun. I quit (I hope).

July 28 2005

I think it's kinda funny that I often spend 10 minutes on these games that I post without realizing I'm ruining entire afternoons for Chris and HB. I really have to start being more careful.

July 28 2005

At level ten now. If you don't hear from me in a few hours, call and ambulance to have me pealed off the ceiling.

July 28 2005

Stopping at Level 11. The guy says this puts me in select company and that's more than enough reason to be embarrassed.

It's a nice game program, but it doesn't really require any intelligence to solve these, since they can't be "figured out" like good puzzles can. Your ability to solve them mostly depends on how willing you are to flail at them long enough.

August 20 2005

I just finished level 10, and it took me 18 minutes. I may try level 11,but I don't know if I'll continue past that. One commenter on another board claimed to be brezing through them up to 19 before getting too bored to continue... says there is a trick to it, but I don't know what that might be.

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