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Wednesday · July 20 2005

I found this British reality show called “Spy” on Channel 11 last night. Four teams of two were given “missions” to enter London workplaces and photograph documents without alerting the unsuspecting employees that anything was up. Two spy “teachers” brief the teams and then watch and critique their performance. I assume the teachers have some undercover background, but I can't find out anything else about the show.

Anyone else seen this program? The production is way different than the typical American reality show — no gamesmanship, no product placements, no contestant exploitation, no toothy hosts. I'm not all that into spy-related stuff, but this is worth seeing again.

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What you had to say:
July 21 2005

never heard of it, but i'd like to see it.

August 15 2005

I saw this programme last week and now I can't find it again. I got it mixed up with "Super Agent" so I know it was on last Monday. Where did it go?

August 17 2005

Go to of info

August 17 2005

That link didn't work for me.

I did a search and finally found this, though.

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