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Tuesday · July 19 2005

On the Metra ride home today, I moved to the vestibule as the train approached Ravenswood. The conductor was recounting the details of an (apparently drunk) guy who passed out and hit his head in that very vestibule yesterday, causing a 30 minute delay while the police and ambulance came to haul him off. The husky passenger next to me told us how the delay made him miss his connecting train and he didn't get home until 8pm.

He said, “I wasn't in this car yesterday. But if I was, I would've kicked his ass right ff the train and said 'Let's Go.'”

“No, he was out. His head went Bam, Bam. Like that. You couldn't move his neck. Not even I would. He just moaned on the floor and flopped over. Once the cops are here, we don't go until they say,” replied the conductor.

“No, I would've kicked his ass right off the train. I didn't get home until 8pm.”

“Well at least he didn't stand in front of the train. We would've been stuck for over an hour.”

What you had to say:
July 20 2005

The commuter's delimma:

Bummer that you are hurt/killed yourself, but now I am stuck on the train for (blank) amount of time.

A new Jupiter song is about this very subject. How topical am I?

July 21 2005

Boo hoo, Husky man! There are lots of people who don't get home until 8pm or later just about every day and it's because they work late.

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