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Monday · July 18 2005

The Shins Will Change Your Life
A blog devoted to collecting overwrought music reviews.

I sat in the 97 degree heat yesterday at the Intonation Fest held at Union Park and sponsored by the www capital of overwrought music reviews — I really enjoyed the enthusiastic sets by The Hold Steady and The Wrens, found something to eat during Andrew Bird's sleepy hour, and considered wearing earmuffs throughout Deerhoof despite the heat. If you're a Deerhoof fan, you got me. I may be giving short shrift to Andrew Bird, but he seemed to be playing at half speed and I didn't have the patience in 97 degree sun.

The whole thing wasn't nearly as annoying as I feared. The Ashland 9 bus was packed with indie-goers, but the park was roomy, and more importantly, filled with shady trees. Bottled water was cheap at a buck, food lines were long, and the sound was mostly good. The Wrens had some issues with what sounded like a busted speaker, but what can you do? Wish it had happened to Deerhoof, I guess.

For $15, I did my outdoor music fest deed for the summer and didn't have to drop $100 plus at Lollapalooza to do it. Pitchfork organized a great lineup at a comfortable and accessible outdoor venue and made it work at a rock bottom price. No gouging on the price for water either.

What you had to say:
July 19 2005

From the Trib review:,0,2365155.story?coll=mmx-critics_heds

"Deerhoof's sloppy art-punk could've just as well been called band practice with the Muppets."

At least I'm not alone.

July 19 2005

I'm glad someone got a chance to go! I was sorry to have missed the Decemberists.

July 19 2005

Sounds like a fun show. I would have liked to see the Wrens and Decemberists, among others. Speaking of music, have you checked out Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (possibly the worst band name ever)? Pitchfork has been raving about them for the past month or so, and I finally succumbed to the hype and ordered their CD from Insound, which is apparently the only way to get your hands on a copy at the moment. It's quite good; I think you would like it. I'm never that good with "sounds like" comparisions, but here goes: Talking Heads meets the Smiths, with a touch of Modest Mouse. You get the idea.

July 19 2005

I'm streaming "Home On Ice" from their site as I write this. Not bad. I'll check out more.

And, yeah, bad band name.

July 20 2005

"The band sounds something like cuddlesome Scottish combo Belle and Sebastian in a tightly contested pillow fight with early Talking Heads over the last Velvet Underground album in the rack."

Regarding what Clap Your Hands Say Yeah sounds like. I guess you got one right, Andrew.

July 20 2005

Hey, 1-for-3 ain't bad. (Plus, I think I should get partial credit for the Smiths, a close cousin to Belle & Sebastian.) Have you listed to more CYHSY? I'm really digging the whole album.

July 20 2005

Oops -- that should be "listened" ....

July 20 2005

Just for fun, here's what Pitchfork had to say:

"Clap Your Hands traffics in melodic, exuberant indie rock that pairs the shimmering, wafting feel of Yo La Tengo with a singular vocal presence that sounds like Paul Banks attempting to yodel through Jeff Mangum's throat. Or imagine the Arcade Fire if their music were more fun-loving and less grave."

Not sure I totally agree, but interesting nonetheless.

July 21 2005

"The Shins will change your life."

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