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Tuesday · July 12 2005

How does Scott McClellan sleep at night?
If you watch one thing today, make it the video of Scott McClellan, The White House Press Secretary, getting cornered by the press corps over the Valerie Plame leak and Karl Rove's involvement. The fawning press corps busted out of their lapdog outfits and told Scott they're tired of the dogfood. He took a savage beating despite repeated mumblings of an “ongoing investigation.”

What do you do when you come home from a day of work like that?

Full transcript of the press conference

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What you had to say:
July 12 2005

It's the past statements from previous conferences that make McClellan's squirmy clam-up job so tasty.

July 12 2005

Yeah. Coupled with the fact that the investigation was "ongoing" when he made those past statements.

He's scum, but he's paid to lie. The guy who hired him is supposed to be the leader of our country.

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