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Monday · July 11 2005

Registered Sex Offenders Chicago Database
Dan sent me here to browse our police beat yesterday. Gave me the opposite of a “warm fuzzy.”

Archived: Around town » July 2005
What you had to say:
July 11 2005

I spent a horrifying hour and a half on line browsing the Illinois registry after they caught that guy with that girl.

The experience made me want to buy a gun, feel sick to my stomach, question the legality and value of such a registry, and, most of all, wish I hadn't looked. This is definately one of those things where the only thing that will make me feel better is enough time passing so that I can return to my state of relatively blissful ignorance. Very depressing.

July 11 2005

Especially disturbing is the number of listees who live in my zip code. in the big city.

July 13 2005

Interestingly, there aren't many in our immediate area. It's only if you go several blocks east into Uptown, or over into Albany Park that there are five times as many sex offenders. Watch your children if you are walking by 1124 W. Wilson. Many of them live in the same building for some reason. And it seems like many of these guys have victims under 13. Scary!

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