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Monday · July 11 2005

Orphans of Meth
Rural, drug addicted parents are losing their children and over-burdening the social services structures of some states. I can't think of anything to say that isn't overly maudlin, but I'll leave it at: looking at your own kid makes reading stories like this more poignant than they used to be.

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July 11 2005

I wasn't sure if you knew or not Jay but Fresno/Central Valley is the meth capital of the world. This story hit so close to home with me. I get about 2-3 babies a week put in foster care secondary to their moms using meth during pregnancy. The infants don't even go home for 1 day and are taken right from the hospital. They have severe withdrawal symptoms and often require medication to make the process that much easier. It's really sad and I have to say that although the long term effects haven't been shown to affect their health, I see the difference in learning and cognition in these kids compared to others. It's huge in rural areas because it's boring out here, and it's super cheap...and the fact it doesn't take a brainiac to mix some stuff together to get high. Sad- thanks for sending on the link

July 11 2005

Meth is scary.

That is all I can say without sounding ridiculously melodramatic today.

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